Diocesan News

Mass of the Feast of the Epiphany, St. Louis Convent, Monaghan, 11.45am

Mass of the Feast of the Epiphany 6 January 2016 St. Louis Convent, Monaghan 11.45am. Homily My dear sisters, Today’s feast traditionally closes the twelve days of Christmas. It is, in a sense, the feast of a star which gives light and directs people. It is the feast of a sign, a sign of God’s […]

Mass of the Second Sunday of Christmas, 3 January 2016

Mass of the Second Sunday of Christmas  3 January 2016 Homily   My dear friends, As I sit down to put a few thoughts on paper which could come together to form a reflection on the Word of God, the window panes are rattling beyond their normal level. The tall, strong mature trees in the […]

The Birth of Jesus Christ, 25 December 2015, St. Macartan’s Cathedral, Monaghan

The Birth of Jesus Christ 25 December 2015 Vigil Mass St. Macartan’s Cathedral, 8.00pm   My dear friends,   We gather again to celebrate the coming and the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth marked a new intimacy between God and man. God has become man. He is now flesh and blood. He is present […]



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