to the website of the diocese of Clogher which includes County Monaghan, most of County Fermanagh and portions of Counties Tyrone, Donegal, Louth and Cavan, extending cross country from the Atlantic Ocean almost to the Irish Sea.

The Cathedral Church is dedicated to St. Macartan and is situated in Monaghan. The style is French Gothic of the fourteenth century and it was built in the second half of the 19th century. The interior was radically rearranged and refurbished in the 1980’s under the direction of Bishop Duffy who retired on 25 July 2010.

The present Bishop Liam S. Mac Daid was ordained on that date by Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop of Armagh, assisted by Bishop Joseph Duffy and Bishop Noel Treanor (a native of the diocese) of Down and Connor. The Bishop’s residence and the Diocesan Administration Office are adjacent to the Cathedral.

The diocese is the site of many ancient monastic foundations including those of Lough Erne, the best known of which is probably Devenish. The most famous and frequented site is the pilgrimage island known as St. Patrick’s Purgatory, Lough Derg. The traditional Three Day Pilgrimage Season extends from 1 June-15 August, and an extensive range of one day retreats is offered outside this season.

The diocese of Clogher is made up of 37 parishes served by over 80 priests. We welcome visitors to our site and hope you will find the information helpful. You will be equally welcome if you come in person and visit one of our parishes or place of pilgrimage. If we can be of any assistance to you during your visit do not hesitate to ask.

May God the Father keep you safe under his protection, may Jesus Christ always walk with you on life’s journey and the Holy Spirit be your guide.

+Liam S. MacDaid
Bishop of Clogher

27 July 2010