Bishop MacDaid: 4th Sunday of Advent Year B

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Fourth Sunday of Advent 18 December 2011 Homily   My dear friends, The Gospel reading today relates the familiar story of Mary’s response to the angel, her yes to God’s invitation.  Maybe we should pause for a while to examine this response and reflect on it.  Our response to challenges of all kinds plays a […]

Bishop MacDaid: Third Sunday of Advent year B

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Third Sunday of Advent 11 December 2011 Homily  My dear friends, John the Baptist said to the people, “there stands among you  – unknown to you – the one who is coming after me, and I am not fit to undo his sandal-straps.”  At the beginning of his Gospel, John the Evangelist writes of the […]

Homily Bishop MacDaid: Second Sunday of Advent

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Second Sunday of Advent 4 December 2011 Homily One of the most basic of our human needs is to find an explanation for things and a sense of purpose and direction in our lives.  The search for an answer usually involves a long journey and often many wrong turns.  A little fish in the ocean […]

Bishop MacDaid: First Sunday of Advent Homily

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The First Sunday of Advent 27 November 2011 Homily My dear friends, this evening’s Mass is the Mass of the first Sunday of Advent, and with it we begin a new year of liturgical worship in our Church. Straight away the Word of God, in the readings from Scripture, challenges us.  Isaiah cries out to […]