Posted on 09. Aug, 2018

In anticipation of Pope Francis coming to Ireland for the World meeting of Families, the Parish of Magh Ene celebrated the international family at the 11am Mass last Sunday, with contributions from many of the different nationalities living in Bundoran, Co Donegal. At the beginning of Mass, national flags were presented by the children of Irish, Polish, Slovakian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan and Filipino families, as well as the Papal Flag. Prayers of the Faithful were also offered by each family in their own language. The Choir sang Irish, Latin and English hymns. Canon Ramon Munster PP centered his homily around our Faith originally finding it’s way to each of the countries represented, how families had contributed so much to it’s continuing existence and the fact that Pope Francis would bless and recommend this family contribution to Church life, when he comes to Dublin.

Because Bundoran attracts so many visitors and tourists each Summer, many other nationalities attending Mass came forward to greet the participants when Mass was ended. It was simply one of our Parish ways of looking forward to the visit of Pope Francis and a locally bringing together of representatives of families from many different nationalities who live in Bundoran.

Bundoran is where the Diocese of Clogher meets the Atlantic Ocean. The diocese stretches from Bundoran to Killanny and Inniskeen, straddling the borders of counties Monaghan and Louth, close to the Irish Sea.