Cathedral Video

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Short video about the Cathedral…


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The diocese of Clogher, like all Irish dioceses, goes back to the great reforms of the twelfth century. These reforms, spearheaded by St Malachy and St Laurence O’Toole, set up the structures of the Church in Ireland as we know them today. The extent of each diocese was initially agreed by fixing a number of […]


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McCarthy is generally regarded as the foremost Irish church architect of his day. He was caught up in the contemporary vogue of reviving medieval Gothic architecture in church buildings. This undoubtedly imposed on his work a style which belonged to another age, but it does not mean that his designs were lifeless imitations. When we […]

The Interior

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The first view of the interior from the west entrance reveals, more clearly than is seen from the outside, the basic cruciform plan of the building, and focuses naturally on the great altar at the crossing. At the same time one is aware of an unexpected spaciousness, only fully revealed since the reordering of the sanctuary. […]

The Sanctuary

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A radical rearrangement and refurbishing of the Cathedral was begun in 1982 to meet the requirements of the revised Liturgy. The artist responsible for this general scheme has been Michael Biggs of Dublin, in consultation with local architect Gerald MacCann. To encourage maximum participation by the entire congregation in the celebration of the Eucharist, the […]

The Lady Chapel

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The bronze Pietà represents a courageous middle-aged Mary holding her dead son and sharing the suffering of the human race. The text of the Magnificat, woven in bold silver-white letters on a dark-blue background, invites us to join Mary in her praise of God, which overcomes all tribulation. The Pietà (or Mother and Son) is […]

The Side Chapel

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Each of the four side chapels has a special sacramental function so that they relate as a group to the centre, the place of the Eucharist. The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament The chapel of the Blessed Sacrament to the right of the centre, is fully visible from the south aisle of the Cathedral. the […]

The Tapestries

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The three great tapestries on the east walls of the Cathedral were made specially to accompany the new liturgical furnishings and the renovation of the sanctuary and side chapels. Their purpose is twofold: first, to relate the renovations to the enormous height of the Cathedral; and secondly, to draw together as well as to express […]